Exchanging a Foreign Driving Licence

Information on how to exchange a driving licence for a Hungarian one, and the procedure to follow...

The local Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (Okmányiroda) is responsible for driving licence exchanges. The licence holder should go to the office in their place of residence and request an exchange.

The following documents are needed in support of a driving licence exchange:

  • ID card or passport
  • Address card (lakcímkártya): This is not the same as a residence permit, which is a sticker in a passport. An address card is an official proof of address, which is needed for daily life in Hungary, for example, for picking up a registered letter at the post office, or getting a library card
  • Driving licence and its official translation
  • School certificates: Legally, elementary school certificates (issued after eight years of schooling) are necessary to obtain a driving licence in Hungary. Any school certificate should suffice; for example, A-Level certificates, degree certificates; the local Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services decides if they need an official translation of these certificates as well
  • Completed application form
  • Proof that the duty has been paid. The usual procedure is that the local Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services issues a postal cheque which has to be paid for at the nearest post office, and then returned to the office. Some offices have a post office on their premises

There are, however, different rules for different nationalities, especially those who are from countries that are not signatories of the 1968 Vienna Convention. For some nationalities only an official translation is needed, while other applicants will have to pass a driving test.

Official translations can be obtained from the Office for Translation and Attestation (Országos Fordító és Fordításhitelesítő Iroda - OFFI).

  • OFFI
    At: 1062 Budapest, Bajza u. 52
    Tel: (1) 428 9600

If the Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services decides that the official translation of a driver's licence is sufficient for comparison purposes with Hungarian law, and the category of the licence corresponds to a similar category in Hungary, then the licence holder only has to pass an oral theory test.

If the official translation is considered insufficient, then the licence holder has to pass an oral theory test and a practical driving test. A medical test (gépjárművezetői alkalmassági vizsga) is also needed, either from a GP or a private doctor. The cost of the test depends on the person's age.

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