Speed Limits, Types of Road and Breakdown Recovery

Understand the different speed limits and types of road in Hungary, plus who to call following a breakdown or accident...

Traffic signs and road markings are similar to those of many European countries. The majority of road signs are in picture form and only a few are written: for example, stopping and parking restrictions are often stated exemptions under the sign.

  • For pictures of the most important road signs in Hungary: Click here (PDF)

Types of Roads

There are only a few motorways in the country (M0, M1, M3, M30, M35, M5, M6 and M7); the rest of the country is connected by dual carriageways. Motorways are generally in good condition, but outside the city roads can be narrow, in poor condition and poorly lit.

  • For information about the road network in Hungary: Click here

Speed limits are signposted. The following speed limits apply:

  • Motorways - 130 Km per hour
  • Dual carriage / expressways - 110 Km per hour
  • Towns and villages - 50 Km per hour
  • Residential areas - may be reduced to 30 Km per hour

Toll Roads

The motorway system in Hungary is toll-paying. Motorway e-vignettes can be bought at petrol stations, via mobile phones (local providers only) and online. They can also be purchased at petrol stations at borders before arrival in Hungary. There are fines for anyone who travels without an e-vignette.

There are one-day, four-day, weekly, monthly or yearly e-vignettes available. These can be purchased online:

An e-vignette cannot be used on another car, but only on the car for which it was purchased, as it corresponds with the vehicle's registration plate.

The cost of an e-vignette depends on a vehicle's category.

It is advisable to keep the receipt or text message or printout for a while after the e-vignette expires in case of disputes if fines are received.

Hungary Motorways provides further information.

Breakdown and Recovery

In the event of a road accident, Tel: 112

The main recovery company is Magyar Autóklub.

  • Tel: 188

Useful Driving Vocabulary

Diesel gazolaj dizel
Motorway autopalya
Parking parkolo
Petrol benzin
Petrol station benzinkút
Toll vam
Toll road vamkoteles ut