Parking in Hungary

Rules and regulations regarding parking in Hungary, with information about fines and  how to pay them...

In central Budapest and most city centres, parking is paid for between 08:00 and 18:00; in some areas it is 24 hours.

There are several parking zones and they are managed by different companies or municipalities and different parking fees apply. On the border of these parking zones be aware that the nearest parking machine across the road might belong to another zone and municipality.

If there is a parking charge, then it is signposted and tickets must be purchased immediately from the nearest machine, and the ticket displayed behind the windscreen. There is a 15 minute tolerance period from when the ticket expires. The minimum parking time is 15 minutes, and there are usually two- to four-hour limits as well.

Parking machines only accept coins. Parking can also be paid for by phone via a local mobile provider.

There are also privately run guarded car parks, and underground and multi-storey car parks where there is no time limit; daily, weekly or monthly tickets are available.

Parking in spaces reserved for disabled drivers without the appropriate disabled parking permit can result in a fine.

To obtain a parking permit, apply to the council where road tax is paid.

Parking fines

A parking fine is usually issued in a blue envelope and placed under the windscreen wiper. It contains a yellow bill (sárga csekk) which can be paid at any post office or the office of the relevant parking company.

Traffic fines

Police issue on the spot tickets for traffic violations. A bill (sárga csekk) is given to the offender which can then be paid at any post office.