Road Traffic Accidents

Information on what to do if you are involved in a car accident in Hungary: who to call and how to fill in the accident report document for insurance after a car crash...

In the Event of an Accident

In case of a minor accident when nobody is hurt, the drivers can settle the case between themselves. It is advisable not to move the cars involved in the accident (use the warning triangle signs) until the Accident Report Form (Kárbejelent? lap) has been filled in. The form is generally referred to as the "blue-yellow form" (kék-sárga lap) and is provided by the insurance company. It should be filled in and the carbon copy must be given to the other party.

  • For an example of an Accident Report Form: Click here (PDF in Hungarian)

In the absence of an Accident Report Form, the same information must be noted on a piece of paper and signed by both parties. The following information is required:

  • Contact details of the drivers involved (name, address and telephone numbers)
  • Details of the cars involved:
    • Make and type
    • Vehicle registration number
    • Number plates
    • The name of the insurance company and the insurance number
  • The exact place and time of the accident
  • Description and a sketch of the accident
  • Visibility and road conditions at the time of the accident
  • Description of the damage

It is also advisable to take photos of the cars, skid marks, and any other details that could help to settle the case. If there are any witnesses, their names, addresses, and phone numbers should be taken.

The accident report sheet should be sent to the insurance company within a limited time, which differs from one company to another. It is usually five days for the driver responsible and 15 for the victim.

If no parties accept responsibility, the police should be called. If nobody is hurt, the police might take a few hours to arrive, and both parties are obliged to wait for the police. The police fill in their own report, which is accepted by insurance companies.

Most insurance companies have hotlines where they offer help in accidents and most have English-speaking operators.

In the event of a serious accident

Check if anybody is hurt and administer first aid immediately, if possible. Call one of the following numbers:

  • Ambulance - 104
  • Emergency - 112
  • Fire brigade - 105
  • Police - 107

Describe the exact location, who is hurt and what happened. Add any important information, for example, if the casualty is pregnant or there is a danger of explosion, and wait for instructions or questions. Only move the vehicles if it is necessary in order to administer first aid.


A victim of a hit-and-run should call the police. The damage should be reported to the insurance company and the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (Magyar Biztosítók Szövetsége) pays for the damage and tries to find the person responsible.