Train Travel in Hungary

Information on getting around the country by train using the Hungarian rail network...

Trains in Hungary are run by the Hungarian State Railway, or Magyar Államvasutak (MÁV). Passenger services are operated by Máv-Start. There is a journey planner on the website.

Allow plenty of time to purchase train tickets, as in some stations ticket sales stop five minutes before a train is scheduled to depart. Tickets can be purchased up to two months in advance of a planned journey. Tickets can be booked in advance by calling Mávdirekt Customer Service.

  • Tel: (1) 444 4499

START Klub Card

Regular train users can apply for a START Klub card which entitles the holder to half-price, second class rail journeys within Hungary. The card costs less for those who are under the age of 26. On Saturdays, the holder and one additional person are entitled to the card's discounts. The card also entitles holders to discounted rail travel in other countries.

To apply for a card, which is valid for either six months or one year, go to a train station ticket office, fill in a form and submit a photograph.

Disabled Passengers

A discount of 90 percent is offered for people with disabilities and a person accompanying them, providing they have a photo ID issued either by a disability association or the Hungarian State Treasury (Magyar Államkincstár). Very few of the train carriages are wheelchair accessible, however, and the relevant station should be contacted before travel to determine the availability of trains with wheelchair access, and to arrange for assistance.

Reservations should be made in advance for the special onboard seating for disabled passengers and to access special facilities. Train and station staff can help by providing physical support and information.

  • For more information about the services available for disabled passengers: Click here
  • To download the form to request assistance: Click here (PDF)

Travelling With a Pet

Animals are not allowed in first class carriages, dining cars or areas that require a seat reservation; the only exceptions are guide dogs.

Passengers can take a small pet in second class carriages. The animal should be transported in a suitable box, basket or cage, where it must remain for the duration of the journey. The animal must do no damage to other passengers, their clothing or belongings, or the compartment.

A fee needs to be paid to take a dog on a train, whether it is in a box, on a leash or muzzled. A passenger can transport a maximum of two dogs and can only take them into a carriage where all the other passengers agree to their presence.

Travelling With a Bicycle

Bicycles can be taken on some train routes, both within Hungary and on some routes into other countries.

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