Buying a New Car in Hungary

Information on the paperwork and processes involved when buying a new car in Hungary...

Anyone can buy a car in Hungary, but only residents can register the car within the country. A Hungarian address card is needed for registration purposes.

While buying a new car is a relatively straightforward procedure, there is often a three-month waiting period for delivery. There are several dealerships in the country, but there can be differences in price so it is advisable to shop around.

Most dealerships prefer hire-purchase, but paying in cash is also possible. The following documents are needed to buy a car:

  • Proof of identity (for example, a passport)
  • Address card (Lakcímkártya). Note: As of 2015 the older non-laminated card is not accepted. It may be advisable to renew the address card before buying a vehicle.
  • If financing is needed, then a certificate of employment (Munkáltatói igazolás) is required to obtain a loan

Once a car is chosen, a ten percent down payment is required.

When the car arrives, the dealership carries out the Ministry of Transport tests (Forgalomba helyezés and üzembe helyezés) and pays a duty (illeték), the amount of which depends on the car's cylinder capacity. The buyer has to pay these costs and the outstanding amount when the car is collected.

Cars are issued with a registration card (gépjármű törzslap), which should be kept in a safe place and is only needed if the car is sold.

All cars must have third-party insurance; most dealers have an insurance broker. The best deals are usually found at online brokers, for example Netrisk (in Hungarian).

If the car is financed, then financing procedures, which take two to three working days, start when the car arrives at the dealership. Fully comprehensive insurance is obligatory for financed cars.