Emergency Numbers in Hungary

Emergency services: the numbers to call for police, ambulance and fire in Hungary...

There is no guarantee that any English will be spoken on any of these emergency and helpline telephone numbers. In the case of an emergency you should be able to describe your location (address) in Hungarian or find someone who can.

Police/Fire/Ambulance Tel: 112
Police - SMS communication for the deaf (Budapest) Tel: (20) 900 0107
Dr.Info: Health advice 24/7 Tel: (40) 374 636
Anonymous reporting of crime (non-emergency) Tel: (80) 555 111


In an emergency, anybody – regardless of citizenship and insurance status – can call an ambulance in Hungary. An ambulance can be called whenever a patient needs immediate medical attention, in cases such as:

  • Possible danger of life
  • Accident, injury, or any kind of poisoning
  • Final stage of labour, or any problem with on-going pregnancy
  • Severe pain, or other alarming complaints or symptoms (choking, heavy breathing, convulsive vomiting, dizziness, speech impairment, paralysed limb)
  • Behavioural problem endangering the patient’s life or the life of others

The ambulance emergency number from anywhere in the country (from every landline or cell phone) is 112. The operator will then automatically contact the corresponding ambulance and/or medical institute.