General Taxes in Hungary

Information on the different taxes for residents of Hungary; VAT, building tax, stamp duty, vehicle registration tax and road tax. Who has to pay, and how to go about paying these taxes...


VAT (általános forgalmi adó - áfa) is 27 percent in Hungary, the highest in Europe. There is, however, a reduced rate of 18 percent for dairy products, baked goods and central heating, while medicine, Braille equipment, newspapers, books and sheet music are taxed at five percent. VAT is always added to a bill, and shops display prices inclusive of VAT.

TV Licence

There has been no audiovisual tax or TV licence in Hungary since 2002; this is now funded by the government through taxation.

Stamp Tax

Stamp duty is charged when property is acquired through purchase, inheritance or as a gift. The rate is four percent.

Non-EU citizens who do not have a residency permit must acquire a permit before they can buy property in Hungary, and foreigners are not allowed to buy agricultural land.

Stamp duty is required once the council has registered the purchase. The new owners then receive a postal bill (sárga csekk) in the post. There is a tight deadline for payment.

  • To calculate stamp duty: Click here (in Hungarian)

Further Information

  • For contact details of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (Nemzeti Adó- és Vámhivatal, NAV): Click here