Toddler Activities in India

Details on how to find activities and groups to keep toddlers and parents in India entertained…

Playgrounds are not common in most Indian cities, although more are slowly being built. The majority of cities do have parks where children can run around and play. Many housing societies (apartment blocks) have communal green space, sometimes with swings and slides and some also have swimming pools.

Activity centres such as soft play centres and indoor playgrounds are also not common. But with more and more shopping malls being built, children’s activity centres are becoming more widespread. Check local shopping malls for soft play facilities.

Major activity centres:

  • Mumbai: Click here
  • Bangalore – Gambolla: Click here
  • Bangalore – Peek-A-Boo
    At: Grand Central, 2nd Floor, Church Street.
    Tel: (080) 3247 9362 or 99 456 00805
  • Bangalore – Monkey Maze: Click here

Toddler Groups

Toddler groups are not common in India. However, expats do organise informal groups in their own networks, so word-of-mouth or expat blogs are a good starting point to find a local group.

Below are links to some popular blogs and parenting sites: