Childcare and Nursery Education in India

Information on childcare options in India, including tips on what to look for when hiring a maid/nanny…

Traditionally in India, the majority of childcare was done within the family with the help of an ayah (nanny or maid). But the expanding economy and rise in career women has led to an increasing number of crèches, nurseries and day care centres in most cities. There is no child benefit in India.

Hiring an Ayah

Hiring an ayah is a popular option for both childcare and domestic duties. The maid can either live in or out and generally does most domestic chores as well as help look after children.

Hiring an ayah can be difficult. A word-of-mouth recommendation of a good ayah who has worked with expats is the best way to find a maid. There are also agencies that place ayahs.

Tips for hiring an ayah:

  • Check the ayah’s credentials, including references, address and so on
  • Get a passport-sized photo of the ayah
  • Have a clear job description and set expectations

Crèches, Nurseries and Day Care Centres

There are a growing number of childcare options in most cities in India. Privately run, these are not regulated by the government and the standards can vary greatly. However, a lot of centres are successful businesses that are building good reputations. Again, word-of-mouth recommendation is probably the best way to find a childcare centre.

Preschool education is not mandatory in India, but international preschools are very popular with expats and offer high-quality, international-standard preschool education. Most only take children older than 18 months.

  • For an online resource to find nurseries and preschools in most of India’s big cities: Click here