India Post Services

A rundown of services offered by India's national post office, including the cost of postage…

Stamps can be bought from a post office. They are not adhesive, so glue will be required to attach them to an envelope. There is only one class of post.

The cost to send a standard letter to any destination in India is Rs5. An Inland Letter Card (a pre-printed letter that can be folded and the sides glued together) costs Rs2.5. The cost of sending a standard letter to an international destination is Rs20 by surface mail and Rs25 by airmail. The cost of an international aerogramme is Rs15.

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Registered Mail

India Post makes it possible to register a letter or parcel in order to keep track of it. To send a registered letter or parcel, the relevant form must be filled out at a post office. There is a special counter at post offices for registered mail. The customer receives a receipt, which allows them to track the item online.

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Speed Post

This service provides quicker delivery of a parcel or letter. Tariffs vary according to the weight of the parcel or letter and whether the destination is domestic or international.

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Business Mail

Customers can choose from a range of cost-effective mailing services, including printing, collating, inserting and sealing.

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Change of Address

People changing their address need to submit a formal letter stating the new address. The letter must be taken to the local post office with proof of ID and the new address (such as the new rental contract).

India Post Financial Services

India Post offers financial services to all residents, as well as special services to those living in rural areas. Options include:

  • Savings bank account: A regular account that allows the holder to deposit and withdraw money. It also offers a cheque facility
  • Recurring deposit account: The customer invests an amount every month for five years and receives a return at the end of the period. An extension option is also available
  • Monthly investment scheme: Customers invest for a period of five years and receive monthly interest payments
  • Public provident fund: A 15-year investment that allows deposits to be made in one lump sum or 12 deposits
  • Time deposit account: A savings account that offers compound interest and requires fixed deposits for any period up to five years