Finding Rental Accommodation in India

A guide to searching for suitable rental properties in India…

There are various types of accommodation available for foreigners to rent in India, depending on budget, location and suitability. The most common are listed below:

  • Independent house. Can be rented fully furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished.
  • Studio. Single room with attached bathroom and/or kitchen. Can be rented fully furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished.
  • Single and multi-bedroom flat with a kitchen and bathroom(s). Can be rented furnished or unfurnished. Usually in a building with a co-operative housing society and sometimes security guards.
  • Luxury condominium. Flats mainly found in exclusive locations or gated communities with luxury amenities such as gym, swimming pool, tennis courts and recreation centres.
  • Serviced apartment. A luxury, fully furnished flat rented for short-term stays. Includes amenities such as Internet, kitchen appliances, television and breakfast.
  • Paying guest. Short-term accommodation, paying to stay in someone else’s home.

Landlords of partially furnished or unfurnished accommodation do not usually supply refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, stoves and other major appliances. An inventory list of furnishings is either included with the rental lease or prepared by the tenant.

Where to Look

Accommodation to rent can be found through a local real estate agent or broker. The agent can negotiate terms of the rental lease with landlords on behalf of people unable to converse easily in the local language(s). Real estate agents charge tenants a commission for their services, which is generally equivalent to one month’s rent of the accommodation.

Local and national newspapers advertise accommodation to rent. Local newspapers covering specific areas of a city have more property listings for a particular location. There are many widely circulated local newspapers both in English and in the local language(s).

National newspapers carry fewer listings per location in a city, and they tend to publish premier and specialised accommodation. Links to local and national newspapers in India can be found online:

  • The commercial newspaper database, Online Newspapers, has a comprehensive listing of local and national Indian newspapers: Click here

Another way of finding accommodation to rent is through the Internet. Some of the most popular property search or private advert websites are listed below.

Several companies offer directory and information services over the phone or online in most major metropolitan areas in India.

Further Information