Setting Up Home

<span style="background-color: #ffffff">Find out how to get electricity, water and gas turned on, plus details of the other essential domestic services you'll need for your home in India...</span>

  • Electricity and gas are the key power sources in India. Electricity is not privatised, and is regulated and supplied by the relevant state electricity board
  • Domestic gas needs are met by the supply of gas bottles rather than a piped system
  • Water needs to be purified before being drunk due to the risk of disease
  • A landline telephone connection can usually be set up within two to five days
  • Mobile phone users can choose between pre-paid or post-paid service plans
  • Internet communication in India has developed rapidly over the last decade, and connection to these services is generally straightforward
  • There are a wide variety of cable, satellite and digital television providers and many channels available in a variety of languages
  • For information about finding and hiring domestic staff see the Employing Domestic Help in India page