Entertainment in India

Find out about entertainment options in India, including the available English-language media...

Most of India’s major cities have a busy cultural scene that offers concerts and performances of Indian classical music and dance, theatre productions, art exhibitions and Bollywood movies.


The Indian film industry is the biggest in the world. Cinemas are widespread, from small local theatres and arts centres to large regional and national chain multiplexes in shopping malls. Most films screened are in Hindi and other Indian languages. English-language films are mostly mainstream Hollywood movies. Some of the bigger national chains include:

Music and Dance

Performances of Indian classical music and dance are common, particularly in cities. There are also music and dance festivals that happen in the winter months.

  • The Dover Lane Music Conference in Kolkata showcases Hindustani (North Indian classical) music.
  • For South Indian Carnatic music, the “Chennai December Season” stages over 2,500 music concerts and dance performances over November, December and January. More information can be found on a dedicated blog: Click here

Two of the larger arts centres that present classical music and dance (as well as theatre and film screenings) are:

  • The National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai: Click here
  • The India International Centre in New Delhi: Click here


The contemporary art scene in India is eclectic. The National Gallery for Modern Art (NGMA), with branches in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, features the works of some of India’s most celebrated artists from the 18th to the 21st centuries.

  • For information on opening times visit the NGMA website: Click here


English plays are regularly staged in the theatres located in big cities.

  • The Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai’s suburbs has plays in English and Hindi. Visit their website for information on their programme: Click here
  • Ranga Shankara in Bangalore presents plays in Kannada, Hindi and English. For more information on their events, visit the website: Click here

Cultural Organisations

Cultural organisations present a variety of events including concerts, performances, plays, exhibitions, film screenings and book readings.

  • The Alliance Française promotes French culture through an arts and events programme, and has a large number of branches across India: Click here
  • The Goethe Institut promotes German culture with ten branches across India: Click here
  • The Habitat Centre in New Delhi has events, food, film and exhibitions: Click here