Festivals and Events

Religious festivals take place throughout the year...


Diwali is the most important religious festival in India and is celebrated across the country for five days in October or November, depending on the lunar calendar. It is the “festival of lights”, during which clay lamps and fireworks are lit.

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Ganesh Chaturthi

This festival is dedicated to the much-loved Hindu elephant-headed god Ganesh. This is a very important festival in North India, especially in Mumbai. It is becoming increasingly popular in the South. A statue of the god is worshipped in homes and at neighbourhood shrines specially erected for the occasion. The idols are then taken in a procession to be immersed in a lake, river or other water body. The festival happens in August or September.

Durga Puja

This is the most important religious festival celebrated in Kolkata and West Bengal. Statues of the goddess Durga are worshipped before being immersed in a river. This festival runs for five days in September or October.


This colourful and joyous festival marks the start of spring. It is celebrated in March, just after the first full moon. People celebrate by throwing coloured powder and water on each other.

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