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Formal Name Republic of India
Capital New Delhi
Main Cities New Delhi; Mumbai; Kolkata; Chennai; Bangalore
Official Language Native languages – Hindi (41%; official language), Bengali (8.1%), Telugu (7.2%), Marathi (7%), Tamil (5.9%), Urdu (5%), others (25.8%)
Subsidiary official language – English
Currency Indian rupee (Rs, INR)
Dialling Code +91
Emergency numbers Police – 100; Fire – 101; Ambulance – 102
Time Zone GMT/UTC+5.5
Daylight Savings Time No DST
Units of Measure Metric
Electricity 230v, 50 Hz; plug types C, D, M
Government Federal Republic
Population 1,205,073,612 (July 2012 est.)
Climate Varies from tropical monsoon in south and west to temperate in north
Land Surface 2,973,193 sq Km
Coastline 7,000 Km
Indian Flag Indian flag

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