Indian Administration Offices

Information on the national and local administrative centres of India, including where to seek assistance with visas, immigration and citizenship issues, tax registration and more...

Many Indian government websites feature information relevant to foreigners living in the country.

Information on visas, immigration and citizenship can be found at the Foreigners Division website, which is part of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Indian government’s website offers useful information for foreigners, particularly in the “overseas” section.

Immigration Services

Immigration services at India’s major airports, and the registration of foreigners, are operated by the Bureau of Immigration.

Foreigners visiting India on a long-term visa (more than 180 days) are required to register their stay at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival. Regional offices are located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Amritsar, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

  • For contact details for these offices: Click here

Foreigners staying in areas not covered by the FRRO should register their stay at the local Superintendents of Police. After registering, non-nationals will receive a registration certificate and a residential permit.

Permanent Account Number Cards

The Tax Information Network is responsible for issuing Permanent Account Number (PAN) cards. A PAN is a unique identification number issued by the Indian Income Tax Department and is a requirement for anyone wishing to work in India.

Indian States and Territories

India is divided into 28 states and seven territories. As well as federal laws, each state authority has its own rules, regulations and procedures.

  • For more information on each state, and links to the state government websites: Click here