Obtaining a Learner’s Licence in India

Details on who should apply for a learner's licence in India, and how to get one…

A learner’s licence is mandatory for all applicants who have not previously held or applied for a permanent licence in India or abroad. It is valid for six months. The state governments have set three minimum ages for applicants:

  • 16 years – motorcycles with engines of 50cc or less and no gears (with a parent or guardian’s consent)
  • 18 years – motorcycles with gears and light motor vehicles
  • 20 years – heavy motor/transport vehicles (trucks, lorries and buses)

All applicants must pass a written test on road signs and general rules. The following documents must also be submitted:

  • Application forms – can be downloaded from an RTO/RTA website
  • Medical certificate – the form can be downloaded from an RTO/RTA website and must be filled out by a licensed physician
  • Proof of age
  • Proof of residence
  • Passport-sized photographs (the number varies by state)
  • Fees (vary by state)

A learner’s licence is granted on the same day if an applicant passes the written test. A permanent licence can be applied for after 30 days or within six months of the date on which the learner’s licence was issued.

Further information on testing centres, test details, application forms and policies can be found on each state government’s RTO/RTA website.