Hiring a Driver in India

Details on the common expat practice of hiring a private driver, and how to go about it…

Due to the chaotic driving conditions in India, most expats hire a driver. This will be organised by an employer or by the expats themselves, using recommendations. Drivers can either be hired to drive an expat’s vehicle or with their own car. The price of this varies significantly from city to city.

Tips for hiring a driver include:

  • Check the driver’s credentials, such as references and driving licence information
  • Get a passport-sized photo of the driver
  • Ensure that the driver has some knowledge of English
  • A recommendation from other expats is often the best to find someone reliable

A hired driver will:

  • Find it easier to negotiate the difficult driving conditions
  • Know the way – lots of Indian roads are badly signposted
  • Be able to drop passengers off and park the car correctly
  • Deal with tolls and parking costs
  • Sort out the PUC certification and car registration
  • Handle any encounters with the police and pay any bribes
  • Know what to do in the case of an accident
  • Have insider knowledge about a city
  • Help with the registration and transfer of the vehicle when buying a car
  • Assist with paying bills and any other jobs that involve local language skills