Bus and Coach Travel in India

Information on getting around the country using the bus and coach networks...

Each Indian state has a state-run bus company offering services to all major and minor destinations within the state, as well as interstate connections. There are also many private bus companies servicing the same destinations. Sleeper buses that run overnight are popular as many people prefer to travel during the night to avoid traffic delays.

There are different categories of buses with varying comfort levels.

  • Ordinary buses do not need to be reserved in advance but tend to be crowded and slower because they stop at many points along the way
  • Volvo buses are air-conditioned and the most comfortable. They operate between major cities and can be reserved in advance. Reservations can be made by contacting the State Road Transport company

Some sample journey times and fares:

  • Bangalore to Chennai: 5 hours. Rs350 to Rs1,699
  • Goa to Mumbai: 14 hours. Rs500 to Rs1,600
  • Trivandrum to Tiruchirappalli: 8 hours. Rs750 to Rs950

RedBus is an online reservation service of over 350 bus operators in 21 major cities across India. Bus tickets can be booked on their website: Click here