Finding a Job in India

Information on job seeking in India, including where to look for work and where to find job classifieds…

Seeking work in India is much the same as in any country. As most jobs are advertised online, those looking for employment should log on to one of the popular job websites and create a profile. They should also ensure that they have an updated CV and a letter of introduction. International recruitment agencies in an employee’s home country are also worth investigating, as is targeting specific companies that are of interest.

Some of the most popular job websites include:

LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals that can also be useful in a job search. Users can search for a job in any location, create a detailed personal profile and join groups related to their profession, where they can post a message that they are seeking an opportunity in India. For more information: Click here

There are many job consultants who can find jobs for professional clients. The fee for this service is generally a month’s salary. They can be found by doing an Internet search for job consultants/agents/head-hunters in the relevant city.