Business Visas in India

Details of the Business Visa in India, including information on the application process…

A Business Visa may be issued to foreigners involved in business in a variety of contexts including foreigners wishing to set up business in India and those who wish to buy or sell products within the country.

For a full list of permitted business options covered by the Business Visa, refer to Q2 on pages 2-3 of the information on work visas from the Ministry of Home Affairs: Click here (PDF)

Required Documents

These additional documents must be provided with a Business Visa application:

  • Proof of financial standing and expertise in field of business
  • Proof of registration of company within relevant field of industry
  • An original signed letter from business within country of application, detailing nature of business and intended duration
  • Signed letter on company letterhead from Indian company detailing nature of business and intended duration

For more information on Business Visa requirements, refer to the information on work visas from the Ministry of Home Affairs: Click here (PDF)

Registering a Business Visa with an FRRO

It is normal for a Business Visa to have a stay stipulation of 180 days, so registration may not be necessary. However, where this is not the case the visa will clearly state that registration at the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in the area of residence is required within 14 days. A fine of US $30 is charged for late registration. Registration is also required for this visa when the holder wishes to apply for an extended stay beyond 180 days.

The major Indian cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad) have FRROs. Contact details and locations of these can be found by hovering over the “contact us” tab on the Indian Bureau of Immigration page: Click here

Registration, and an appointment for a registration interview, must be done online for those registering in Delhi.

  • For information from the Ministry of Home Affairs on how to register online: Click here (PDF)

Foreign registration in areas not covered by an FRRO can be completed at the District Superintendents of Police, which operates as the Foreign Registration Office.

Upon request from a registration officer, magistrate officer or police all foreigners are required to produce the certificate of registration within 24 hours.

Documents required for registration

At the Registration Office a completed registration report needs to be signed in the presence of the registration officer.

  • A registration form can be downloaded from the Indian government portal online: Click here (PDF)

The following must be provided:

  • Four passport photos
  • Passport with valid visa
  • Three photocopies of the photo page and the valid visa of passport
  • Details and three copies of proof of residence (rent agreement/utility bill with letter from landlord)
  • Registration fee of Rs100

Registration of a Business Visa also needs:

  • Three copies of stamped and signed (by appropriate authority) undertaking letter from one of the directors of the company on company letterhead. For required format of the letter: Click here
  • Papers proving the authenticity of business
  • Permission papers from the Reserve Bank of India
  • Approval papers from the Government of India (if a joint venture)
  • Three copies of Permanent Account Number (PAN) card or three copies of the application made for a PAN card. The PAN application form can be downloaded online: Click here (PDF). For more information on getting a Permanent Account Number see the PAN Card page