Support Groups and Voluntary Organisations in Bali

Finds contact details for English-speaking support groups, voluntary organisations and meetings for AA, drug aid, cancer support, AIDS and more in Bali...

There are various support organisations and helplines in Bali. While some have English-speaking staff and volunteers, there is no guarantee that English will be spoken. Below is information on:

Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous: Meetings are held daily at a variety of locations around Bali, including Seminyak, Ubud and Sanur.

Drug/Nicotine Abuse

Narcotics Anonymous: Daily meetings are held in English at a variety of locations in Bali, including Padang Padang Beach, Seminyak, Canggu and The Bukit.

Nicotine Anonymous: Regular Sunday meetings at 17:30-18:30.

  • Nicotine Anonymous
    : The Ruko, Jl Dhyana Pura 103, 2nd Floor, Seminyak
    Tel: 0819 1638 4327


Bali Plus: A registered non-profit organisation providing a range of support activities; support groups for HIV positive women, drug addicts, former addicts, transgender persons and gay people, as well as a 'buddy system' for people living with AIDS who need support when they are sick. Bali Plus also offers counselling to families and others affected by HIV/AIDS, and encourage partners of HIV+ persons to get tested. The organisation is located in Sidakarya, South Denpasar.

  • Bali Plus
    : (0361) 710 001

Breast Cancer Support

Bali Pink Ribbon: Run by a group of volunteers under the aegis of Bali International Women's Association (BIWA). All the money raised through Pink Ribbon activities stays in Bali, and is used to raise awareness of breast cancer, as well as saving for a mobile digital mammogram machine.

Women's Support

Bali International Women's Association (BIWA): A non-profit charity organisation devoted to the welfare of women and children in Bali. Members include both Indonesians and expatriates, representing 28 countries. The association carries out a number of fund-raising and social welfare projects.

  • BIWA
    At: Jl D. Tandakan, Sanur, Denpasar 80228.
    Tel/Fax: (0361) 286 564 / 746 9607

Foreign Prisoners Support

  • Kerobokan Jail Project

Charity and Volunteer Organisations

ANAK Foundation: French organisation providing education and school materials for Indonesian children, bringing together European and Indonesian children through correspondence, and artistic and cultural exchanges.

Foundation CIMD: Supporting children with education and medical programmes through sponsorship.

High 5 Rehab: A foundation which supports less fortunate and disabled children by providing physical therapy, revalidation and knowledge transfer, and by supplying walking aids and wheelchairs, nutrition, surgical treatments, and educational development.

  • High 5 Rehab
    : Dusun Banyualit, Desa Kalibukbuk, Lovina, Singaradja
    Tel: 0817 972 0206 / 0362 700 1597

Kupu Kupu Foundation: A not-for-profit organisation which aims to improve the lives of children, adolescents and adults with disabilities, providing medical care, physical aids, facilities and school support.

Smile Foundation of Bali: A non-profit organisation working to provide healthcare for people with craniofacial disabilities, such as cleft lip and palate, Goldenhar syndrome, Apert syndrome, facial tumours and facial accident trauma.

The Bali Children's Project: A non-profit organisation which supports needy children by creating kindergartens and pre-schools and providing school and classroom materials. It also provides English language training, computer training, micro-investment and business enterprise programmes for Balinese village women.

The John Fawcett Foundation: An Australian-registered organisation that provides sight restoration, prosthetic eyes, children's corrective surgery, education assistance and assistance for desperately ill children and young people.

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi (YKIP): Also known as the Humanitarian Foundation for Mother Earth, dedicated to helping the needy in Bali through health and education programmes.

YPAC - Institute for Physically and Mentally Handicapped Children in Bali: Support group offering help and assistance to disabled children in need of medical, social and educational care, while creating awareness of the social-economic problems these children face, and finding sponsoring for their support.