Gas in Bali

Find out where to go and what to check when buying bottled gas in Bali...

There is no mains gas in Bali. Many households use bottled gas, known as tanki for cooking and heating water. The most common forms are 3kg (green bottle) and 12 kg (blue bottle) of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).

A deposit is paid when buying a bottle for the first time. When refills are needed, take the empty tank and purchase a full tank to replace it. Bottled gas is sold at a number of outlets in Bali, often the tanks can be seen in front of shops. It is also sold at most petrol stations. Many shops will deliver bottled gas to homes.

In some areas of Bali, there are trucks that drive through the neighbourhoods selling bottled gas, generally in the morning.

When buying or exchanging a gas bottle, check the top of the bottle to ensure that is is sealed.