Childcare in Indonesia

Find out about the options for childcare and nursery education in Indonesia...

Nursery education

There is no formal education system for children under five. Playgroups (Kelompok Bermain) admit children aged two and three. Kindergarten (Taman Kanak-Kanak) Class A is for children aged four and TK Class B is for children aged five.

Many of the international schools across Indonesia run classes for children under three.

Although it is not mandatory for parents to send their children to kindergartens, this early stage of schooling is considered important in preparing children for enrolling in the elementary school (Sekolah Dasar - SD). At TK 1 and 2 children are introduced to simple reading and counting skills.

Child care options

Most Indonesian children are looked after by members of their extended family until school age and a large number of expatriate families rely on household staff and nannies as childcare. Staff can often be found by word of mouth. Talk to parents at schools and expatriate clubs for recommendations.