Youth Employment

Understand the laws affecting teenagers working in Indonesia...

Indonesia's most current labour laws regarding the young are found in Undang Undang No.13, 2003 Ketenagakerjaan (Labor Laws of 2003). In general, employers are forbidden to employee minors, who are defined as being under 18 years of age. That provision can be excluded for children as young as 13 if hired to perform "light work" as long as the development of their physical, mental, and social health is not compromised. They must get written permission from parents or guardians followed by an agreement with the employer. The child can work at most a three hour shift, and must be given a work schedule that doesn't interfere with school time.

Given proper supervision, children as young as 14 can accept work through an education or training curriculum. This is common in vocational high school studies. Each vocational programme requires an internship as part of the field of study. Sometimes the internship requires travel far away from home for up to two or three months.