Enrolling in a School in Indonesia

Information on the school enrolment procedure in Indonesia...

Enrolment requirements vary between schools although generally the following will be required for newcomers to Indonesia:

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Two colour passport photos
    Copy of the passport of the applicant and the parents/guardians (photo page only)
  • Copy of the temporary stay permit (KITAS or KIMS) issued by the immigration office
  • Copy of the last term's school report
  • Certificate/statement of attendance from current school
  • Copy of the applicant's Health Record Card/Vaccination Card


Vaccination is generally not required for Indonesian school enrollment. Some schools provide vaccinations, particularly to kindergarten, elementary and high school levels, as part of their services. Normally hepatitis A and B vaccinations are offered to junior and senior high level pupils. Schools will obtain the parents' written approval for this programme. Health records including vaccination data is required for enrollment at international schools.

School Uniform

Children in public schools and private schools wear uniform on school days. On Mondays and certain national commemoration days when schools hold flag hoisting ceremonies, children from public and private schools throughout the country wear the same uniforms indicating elementary, junior high and senior high levels.