International Schools

Find out about the international schools and the different curricula available in Indonesia...

There are three types of primary and secondary level schools in Indonesia that offer schooling in English:

International Schools:

The entire curriculum is in English and the school follows the home country syllabus. To be eligible for admission to some international schools, a student must:

  • be a legal child of foreign parents who are temporarily employed and reside in Indonesia
  • show documents of the parents to prove possession of work and stay permit (KITAS)
  • be a legal child of Indonesian parents and show a letter of dispensation from the Ministry of National Education to attend an international school

National Plus Schools:

In these schools a percentage of classes are given in English by a native English-language teacher, within the Indonesian Curriculum. In addition, curricula such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International Examination (ICE) are offered at national plus schools.

Admission to this school is more flexible. Children are accepted throughput the year where places are available.

Indonesian Public Schools with an International Class:

In these public schools Indonesian is used in the teaching and learning process, with special class rooms dedicated to children who opt to be taught in English by local English speaking teachers.

Religion-based Schools

There are a number of religion-based schools in Indonesia. These include:

Madrasah is a Muslim-based public school (for kindergarten, elementary and high school levels) operated by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Islamic theological subjects are taught at these schools alongside the national curriculum.

Christian (Protestant) and Catholic private schools do not focus on religion in the teaching. Children from other religions are admitted in these schools. There are also a small number of Buddhist and Hindu schools in various regions throughout the country.

Pesantren is a non-formal Islamic boarding school for high school level education (divided for boys and girls).