Ambulance Services and Pharmacies in Indonesia

Information on the emergency medical services available and how to find a pharmacy...

Ambulance services

In the event of a medical emergency Tel: 118. However, there is no reliable emergency ambulance service in Indonesia; ambulance services are run individually by hospitals and clinics. Indonesian ambulance attendants do not have the same level of paramedical training as elsewhere in the developed world and ambulances are not well equipped.

It is recommended that foreigners living in Indonesia find out about private ambulance services in their area prior to an emergency situation.

Ambulance services are non-existent in most of rural Indonesia.


Hospitals and village health centres generally have their own chemists.

In urban areas some chemists are open 24-hours a day, and may have private clinics with doctors and dentists.

In rural areas, the only access to medicines is at the local village health centre. These chemists are usually not as well stocked as a commercial chemist in an urban centre.

Some drugs and medicines that require a doctor's prescription in other countries are freely available in Indonesia, for example some antibiotics. However, common over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen can be very difficult to get.