Finding a Doctor

Information on finding a specialist doctor or general practitioner and the rules and regulations pertaining to foreign doctors in Indonesia...

Outside urban areas it can be more difficult to find an English-speaking doctor, a 24-hour chemist, a qualified specialist or general practitioner, or the appropriate hospital or clinic. Even in a city, access to information can be difficult. In rural areas there is no choice but to go to whatever medical facility is available.

Foreign embassies and consulates are good sources of information regarding where to find medical professionals. Most are located in Indonesia's most developed areas: Bali, Jakarta, Medan, and Surabaya.

Expatriate doctors

In Indonesia, expatriate doctors are hired as medical consultants only. This rule pertains to all healthcare facilities in the country.

There are a number of special medical-service providers that offer a range of medical services:

  • International SOS Medika: Clinics with Indonesian doctors available 24 hours a day. An expatriate doctor is also available for consultation purposes. Ambulances are always on call. Clinics are located in Bali, Jakarta and West Kalimantan. The clinics are open to the public, however the medical evacuation service is only available to members
  • Global Doctor: Offers services similar to International SOS. Medical consultation with doctors in Perth is given via telemedicine appointments

Mental Health

Indonesia has a developing mental health service, but there are few practising psychologists and psychiatrists. Psychotropic medicines are not generally available.


Diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, tuberculosis, typhus, polio, and rabies are serious threats to public health throughout Indonesia. Foreigners should visit their doctor before arriving in Indonesia for vaccinations and prophylactic medicines.

Preventative medicines for malaria are very important. West Papua, for example, has at least 20 strains of malaria and some are difficult to cure.