Health Insurance in Indonesia

Make sure that you and your family have appropriate health insurance in Indonesia...

Indonesia does not have a health insurance programme or retirement system that serves the whole population. Indonesians who are not covered by any government social security programmes pay for health care themselves.

Tourists and foreign residents do not need to have medical insurance to enter Indonesia; however they are not covered by government-sponsored health care.

Generally, expatriates are insured through their employer's health insurance, or they have private health insurance. Tourists must have health insurance from their home country, or pay cash for medical treatment.

Emergency health insurance

Accidents that would otherwise be considered relatively minor can become serious or life threatening in isolated parts of Indonesia due to lack of access to adequate medical care. In addition, Indonesia has one of the highest rates of natural disasters in the world. For those travelling to or living in areas prone to floods and landslides, medical evacuation can be a serious problem when an injury or illness occurs. There is the added risk of water-borne diseases caused or aggravated by poor sanitation. Insurance that includes emergency medical evacuation by helicopter (Medivac/Medevac) is recommended for tourists who are planning potentially dangerous treks into remote areas.


If a patient does not have health insurance, all medical services must be paid for in total and in cash. Payment by installment is rarely an option.