Indonesian Postal Codes and the Post Office

Information about the postal system in Indonesia, including how to find an Indonesian postcode...

Postal Services in Indonesia are run by Pos Indonesia. They have a limited English language website outlining some of their services including the cost of sending parcels and customs information. More detail is available on the Indonesian version of their website.

Postal Codes in Indonesia (Kodepos)

Indonesian postcodes are made up of five digits as follows:

  • The first digit represents the region
  • The second and third digits represent the regency or city
  • The fourth digit represents the sub-district within the regency or city
  • The final digit indicates the village or commune

In Jakarta the third digit represents the sub-district, the fourth the commune or village with the fifth digit being a zero. The first digit, which varies depending on the region of the country, is allocated as follows:

  1. Jakarta, part of Banten and West Java.
  2. Aceh, North and West Sumatra, Riau and Riau Islands.
  3. Bengkulu, Jambi, Bangka Belitung, South Sumatra and Lampung.
  4. Banten and West Java.
  5. Central Java and Yogyakarta.
  6. East Java.
  7. Kalimantan.
  8. Nusa Tenggara and Bali.
  9. Sulawesi, Papua and Maluku.

The Indonesian version of the Pos Indonesia website has a postcode search facility. To use it some of the address details need to be entered into the box provided. In the top box a user can select whether to search, amongst others, by street name, town or village. Some useful vocabulary for this is as follows:

  • dukuh - hamlet
  • desa - village
  • jalan - road
  • kelurahan - village

Lokasi means location, so if the search is being done by a road then a house number can be entered here. If the postcode being searched for is in a city, the name of the city should be entered in the Kota box. To start the search a user should click on the Cari! button.

  • To search for an Indonesian postcode: Click here

Indonesian Addresses

In Indonesia an address should be written as follows:

  • Recipient's name
    House/Building Number, Road/Street
    TOWN/CITY, followed by the postcode

For example:

  • Person Name
    Jalan Pohon 26
    JAKARTA, 15360

Mail and Postal Services

Post offices (kanter pos), run by Pos Indonesia can be found throughout the towns and cities of the country. Services can be limited at some of the smaller branches and it is often advisable to visit a larger branch to post parcels.

Stamps can be purchased at post offices, and letters or parcels can be posted using a variety of services including registered mail and Express Mail Services (EMS). The English version of the Pos Indonesia website includes a calculator which allows users to find out the cost of sending a parcel overseas. The weight and dimensions of the parcel, as well as where it is going to and where it is being sent from should be entered.

When mail is posted by EMS, parcel or registered mail it can be tracked on the Pos Indonesia website using the shipment number provided when it was posted.

  • To track mail: Click here and enter the shipment number in the panel on the right of the page

Some useful vocabulary when dealing with post in Indonesia:

English Indonesian
airmail pos udara
domestic delivery kilat biasa
envelope amplop
international delivery express
letter surat
mail pos
mail by sea pos melalui laut
registered mail terdaftar
special delivery (overnight domestic) kilat khusus
stamp perangko


The Pos Indonesia website includes a link to Indonesian Customs. It lists restricted, prohibited and dutiable items which can be imported into the country.