Getting Online: Internet in Indonesia

Find about the Internet options available to you in your home in Indonesia…

As with telephone services Internet provision in Indonesia has improved rapidly in recent years but this is still not the place to settle in if your living depends on reliable, high-speed Internet.

Broadband is becoming more common but many users have dial-up connections. It is worth getting advice from friends and colleagues when choosing an Internet service provider as the connection quality and overall service varies. Below is a list of the major Indonesian Internet service providers:

Indosat offers broadband internet services. It has a variety of packages, the monthly cost of which depends on the speed and capacity of the service. Coverage information is available on the company's website.

Max3 offers a fast broadband internet service provided by fibre optic cables. Coverage of its service can be viewed by clicking on "Coverage" on the company's website. Bills can be paid through many of the major Indonesian banks via Internet banking, bank transfer, telephone banking or credit card. Max3 has three stores in Jakarta and one in Bekasi. It also offers telephone and television services.

CBN provides mobile and home Internet services. It offers a rapid wireless service for a fixed monthly fee. Monthly bills can be paid using a variety of methods via the country's major banks.

Wasantara is one of the largest Internet service providers in Indonesia. Very little information is available in English on its website.

Gecko is a relative newcomer to the ISP scene in Bali. This company understands that high-speed internet - and quick responses to customer concerns and comments via its Facebook page - are an important element in the expat world. They offer dedicated Internet connection with the promise of delivering full bandwidth 24/7. Standard plans cover speed from 1Mbps to 5Mbps, and custom plans can go as high as 100Mbps.