Mobile Telephones

Find out how to get yourself a mobile or cellular telephone in Indonesia…

Mobile telephones are very popular in Indonesia and are referred to as "hand phones". They can be purchased by visiting a company retail outlet. Below is a list of mobile telephone companies, and other telephone service providers. Most of the companies are owned in part by Telkom.

When choosing a company it is worth getting advice from friends and colleagues who can comment on the service provided. Problems with service coverage, static, bad transmission and security are not uncommon. Billing options are generally similar to other countries with a choice of either monthly billing or a pre-paid system. Pre-paid cards can be purchased from most companies in the company shop, at kiosks and in some stores for immediate use.

XL Axiata (XL) is a major provider of mobile telephone and Internet services in Indonesia. It has a range of pre-paid packages at various rates as well as pay-as-you-go services, allowing people to choose a mobile telephone service that suits their needs. Both methods of payment allow international calling and Internet services.

Indosat is the third largest telecommunications company for mobile services in Indonesia, offering both mobile and fixed line telephone services. Indosat has an international calling service that allows users to connect directly with callers overseas. Without direct dialling, overseas calls have to be made through the operator which increases the cost. To be able to use this service a home needs to be fitted with an international direct dialling line. Once installed, calling is straightforward by entering an international access code before the country code. The Indosat international access code is 001. This service can also be accessed at special telephone terminals located throughout Jakarta.

Telkomsel is a major provider of mobile telephone services in Indonesia.

Three offers third generation mobile services in Indonesia with both pre-paid and contract services, as well as Internet access. At present very little of the company's is available in English.

AXISworld is the fastest growing mobile service provider in Indonesia. The company is rapidly developing its high speed mobile broadband provision. It offers a number of packages and promotions for Internet use, international calls and texting services. Its English language website provides comprehensive information. Mobile services with AXISworld can be arranged by visiting one of the company's shops.

Smartfren specialises in mobile telephone services, including international calling packages. Very little of the content of the company's Internet site is available in English.

Bakrie Telekom offers a number of mobile telephone and Internet services. Most of its web content is available in Indonesian only.