Hospitals and Clinics in Indonesia

Information on the hospitals and clinics available in Indonesia...

Public hospitals

Public hospitals are found at both provincial and district levels. The best-equipped hospitals are found in urban areas and provincial capitals. There are very few specialist hospitals that are publicly funded, and they are mainly found in Jakarta and other large cities.

Many hospitals have ranked services, especially for accommodation. General admittance or shared hospital rooms as well as VIP private rooms are a choice in many hospitals. VIP rooms are spacious, furnished (with private bathrooms, private balconies and refrigerators), and include better food and more personalised nursing care.

Private medical care

Private medical care is regulated by the government. Some hospitals are run by non-profit and religious organisations. Most hospitals in the private sector, however, are profit-making businesses.

There are many general and specialist medical practices, clinics, laboratories, and hospitals in urban areas, but far fewer in rural areas. Doctors in government practice are not well paid; thus they are allowed to practise privately as well. Any doctor's practice outside a government facility is usually a private practice.

People who use the private sector pay in cash or have private insurance.

Rural health clinics

There are three kinds of village health clinics which provide most villagers with all their medical care:

  1. Sub-health Centres.
  2. Village Midwifery Clinics.
  3. Integrated Health Posts.

They are usually open 24-hours a day. Better-funded clinics have doctors and nursing staff 24 hours a day as well as specialists and dentists available a few times per week. Most clinics have in-patient facilities and a pharmacy/chemist.