Registration of Birth

Find out how to register the birth of a newborn baby in Indonesia...

An official birth certificate, Akte Lahir or Akte Kelahiran, is issued by the hospital. A Surat Keterangan Lahir or surat tanda kelahiran which is a Recognition of Birth certificate is also issued after the birth by the hospital.

Home country consulates will request an official translated copy of these documents in order to register the birth at the Consulate.

One of the parents must register their baby's birth with Indonesian immigration within 14 days of the birth. For a fee, the records department of some hospitals help clients with immigration processing. Foreign residents with KITAS Visas need to apply for the baby's KITAS Visa as soon as they have obtained a passport for the newborn.


Register the baby's birth at the Immigration Office (Kantor Imigrasi) within 14 days and apply for a Birth of Foreigner document (Kelahiran Orang Asing). Both parents, or one parent, or a paid agent can register a birth. Sometimes employers do immigration processing for their employees as well.

Original documents plus two copies (or more) of each of the following documents are needed:

  • Parents' passports
  • Valid residency visas - usually KITAS or KITAP Visas
  • Sponsor's letter (confirms relationship with foreign residents)
  • Marriage certificate (official translated copy)
  • Birth certificate issued by the hospital (Akte Lahir or Akte Kelahiran)
  • Surat Keterangan Lahir or surat tanda kelahiran (similar to a birth certificate and also issued by the hospital)
  • Buku matasi (blue foreigner's book)
  • Six photographs of the newborn: 2x3 cm, all on a red background
  • Six photographs of the newborn: 3x4 cm, all on a red background

Apply for the baby's passport at the home country's consulate (of the mother or father), with the birth certificate. This must be done within 60 days after the baby's birth.

When the baby's passport is issued, go back to the Immigration Office and apply for the baby's KITAS Visa. The application process generally takes about three days, the baby's passport is then stamped with the KITAS visa.