Support Groups in Jakarta

Information on the various support organisations in Jakarta, that address substance abuse and recovery, health or medical conditions, and women’s and children’s problems, as well as information on charity and volunteer organisations...

Note: While they may have English-speaking staff and volunteers, certain groups may or may not have adequate English-speaking personnel at all times or in the support groups. Please contact the group directly for more information.

Alcohol/Drug Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous: Meetings are held regularly in Jakarta, including in the Cipete and Kebayoran areas. For latest updates contact the Jakarta number below.

Narcotics Anonymous: Meetings are held daily except Wednesdays and Thursdays at a variety of locations in Jakarta, including Matraman (East Jakarta), Kemang (South Jakarta) and Menteng (Central Jakarta).

National Movement Against Narcotics (GRANAT): The organisation aims to address the problems of illicit drug trafficking and substance abuse occurring in Indonesian society today.

Yayasan Permata Hati Kita (Yakita): An addiction recovery and community centre. Includes a drop-in centre for recovering addicts, health clinics and detoxification support, and offers prison support programmes for inmates with substance abuse issues.

  • Yakita
    At: Villa Pandawa Yakita, Jalan Ciasin no. 21, Desa Bendungan, Ciawi, Bogor

HIV/AIDS Support

Indonesian AIDS Foundation (Yayasan AIDS Indonesia): Counselling, volunteer work, hotline and education support for those seeking HIV/AIDS-related information. The organisation has publications and programmes to harness the Foundation’s efforts to increase awareness, knowledge and prevention of and care for people with HIV/AIDS.

  • Indonesian AIDS Foundation (in Indonesian)
    : Hotel Menara Peninsula, 3rd Floor, Jalan Letjen S Parman Kav. 78, Slipi, Jakarta 11410
    Hotline: (021) 530 3000
    Tel: (021) 549 5313 / (021) 530 3951 / (021) 530 3952
    Fax: (021) 535 9759

Spiritia Foundation (Yayasan Spiritia): A non-profit organisation which provides support to people living with HIV/AIDS. It has an extensive list of contacts for various supports groups across the city, where there is also an affiliated Catalyst Group called Yayasan Kotek Mandiri, which has additional contacts and groups.

  • Spiritia Foundation
    At: Jalan Johar Baru Utara V no. 17, Jakarta 10560
    : (021) 422 5163 / (021) 422 5168
    : (021) 4287 1866

Health Support

Autism Society of Indonesia - Yayasan MPATI (Masyarakat Peduli AuTis Indonesia): Counselling and support activities for parents whose children are autistic. Founded by Gayatri Pamoedji (herself a parent of an autistic child), she is a family counsellor, writer and producer of the first autism video in Indonesia. The Society conducts workshops, training, and seminars and provides information to support physicians and clinics.

  • Autism Society of Indonesia (Yayasan Mpati) (in Indonesian)
    At: Ruko Darmawangsa, Jalan Darmawangsa VI no. 26, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
    : 0813 8074 1898
    : (021) 7279 6508

Indonesian Autism Foundation (Yayasan Autisme Indonesia): Parents’ support group, therapy, education and alternative treatment for children with autism. Information on therapy centres, speech therapists, dolphin therapy clinics, special schools, inclusive schools and many more useful sources of advice.

  • Indonesian Autism Foundation (in Indonesian)
    At: Jasmine Tower 2nd Floor no. CC02, Apartment Kalibata City, Jalan Kalibata no. 1, Jakarta 12750
    : (021) 3355 5643

Indonesian Diabetics Association (Persatuan Diabetes Indonesia): An Association of diabetics, supporters and physicians that aims to increase awareness of, and develop and increase knowledge on the management and prevention of diabetes, especially diabetes mellitus. Provides information on dieticians, nurses, paramedics and physiotherapists, fitness instructors and other professionals.

Indonesian Cancer Foundation (Yayasan Kanker Indonesia): A non-profit organisation with the aim of fighting cancer through various promotional, preventive and supportive activities. Among its founders were the first Indonesian vice-president, a governor of Jakarta and cabinet ministers. There are two offices of the ICF in Jakarta; one in Menteng (ICF Sam Ratulangi) and another in Lebak Bulus.

Indonesian Stroke Foundation (Yayasan Stroke Indonesia): Education and counselling programmes for high-risk groups prone to suffering strokes. The Nusantara Medical Centre, provides diagnosis, pre-emptive care, and rehabilitation activities for stroke sufferers at its Nusantara Medical Centre. Volunteers can provide information on physiotherapists and speech therapists who make house calls.

  • Indonesian Stroke Foundation
    At: Jalan Kyai Maja no. 19, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
    : (021) 722 2410 / (021) 723 6391
    (021) 725 6628
  • Nusantara Medical Centre
    : Gedung Granadi 3rd Floor, Jalan Rasuna Said Blok X 1, Kav. 8-9, Jakarta 12950
    : (021) 527 4567
    (021) 527 1946

Family Support

Women’s Legal Aid (Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum - APIK): A non-profit organisation which promotes women’s rights through legal support and government lobbying, and insistence on gender equality in all aspects of life: politics, economy, social and cultural matters. It provides legal aid for women, especially the vulnerable and those without further recourse; training and enabling the public and law enforcement officers in appropriate handling of female victims of injustice; advocacy for positive changes in public policy in relation to women’s rights and resolution of grievances.

  • Women’s Legal Aid (in Indonesian)
    At: Jalan Raya Tengah no. 31, Kramat Jati, Jakarta 13540
    : (021) 8779 7289
    (021) 8779 3300

Single Parents’ Community Indonesia: Originating from a mailing list started by Indonesian single parents and supporting agents. People who are single parents can join the mailing list or request information from the community.

National Commission for the Protection of Children (Komisi Nasional Perlindungan Anak): A non-profit organisation which promotes the advocacy, development, fulfilment and protection of children’s rights and promotes their general welfare. The organisation actively steps in where children need protection and are endangered by individuals or institutions, including parents. They are involved in educating, raising awareness and enabling society to support child protection mechanisms in the country. The commission collects data and investigates any form of child abuse, provides legal support and conveys opinions to the government.


Charities and Voluntary Work

Catholic Relief Services: An American Catholic humanitarian agency working with the local institutions in Indonesia to assist in various social programmes irrespective of creed, race or nationality. It provides support for emergency response, food and hunger, health, HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, microfinance, sanitation and social safety nets.

Dompet Dhuafa: An Islamic non-profit institution aimed at assisting the social and humanitarian needs of the poor through various donations and grants. The organisation conducts relief and educational programmes, provides free healthcare services and economic enabling of the urban and rural poor.

  • Dompet Dhuafa (in Indonesian)
    At: Ciputat Indah Permai Blok C28–29, Jalan Ir H Juanda no. 50, Ciputat, Tangerang 15419
    : (021) 741 6050
    (021) 741 6070

Indonesian Street Children Organisation: A non-profit organisation whose aim is to improve the quality of life of children, by supporting their educational needs and protecting their rights, to ensure they do not become street children or child workers.

Helen Keller International Indonesia: An international NGO devoted to the prevention of blindness and malnutrition in the world. In Indonesia, the organisation has provided technical assistance to the government on Vitamin A deficiency controls, and promoted activities related to primary eye care, diabetic retinopathy and emergency relief.

Mercy Corps: A non-profit NGO, working on relief in and support for disasters and conflict areas, poverty and related social issues. Has an Indonesia Response Team which was created to address effectively the number of recent natural disasters in the country.

  • Mercy Corps
    At: Graha STK, Floor F, Suite F01, Jalan Taman Margasatwa no. 3, Ragunan, Jakarta
    : (021) 7884 2686
    : (021) 7884 2786