English-language Cinema in Jakarta

Information on how to find full listings of what's showing at the movies today in the greater Jakarta area, and where to find your nearest cinema...

Movies in Jakarta, as in most large cities of Indonesia, are shown in their original language with Indonesian subtitles.

Cinemas in Jakarta

There are currently two cinema chains with multiple theatres across Jakarta; Cineplex 21 and Blitzmegaplex.

Cineplex 21 is the oldest and largest chain of cinemas in Indonesia. It has three different brands; Cinema 21, Cinema XXI and The Premiere, each targeting different markets. They all provide different facilities, for example the sound system, availability of 2D and 3D films, food services and types of seating. The Premiere cinemas provide the most luxurious facilities. In some locations Cinema XXI and Premiere theatres are situated together.

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At Cinema 21 or Century XXI cinemas tickets are cheaper on Mondays and Thursdays and more expensive at the weekend. Century 21 has a mobile ticketing system, called MTix, allowing people to book tickets in advance online or via SMS. This service is not available at all cinemas. To register for the facility it is necessary to go to a Century 21 or Century XXI cinema.

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Blitzmegaplex has cinemas in multiple locations across Jakarta, although there are fewer than for Century 21. Facilities are very much comparable to the Cineplex 21 chain. They have Regular class seating in all theatres, and Satin, Velvet and Velvet Suite classes in select theatres. Online and mobile ticketing services are also available.

Tickets at Blitsmegaplex are also cheaper on Mondays and Thursdays and more expensive at the weekend. Prices also vary depending on the cinema system (2D or 3D) and the film being shown.

Film Schedules

Film schedules in English are available in the paper edition of the English-language daily The Jakarta Post, as well as in the Jakarta Globe. However it is recommended to check the online schedule on the cinema websites.

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Independent Theatres

A number of independent mini theatres exist, as an alternative. These allow customers to choose from a wide selection of titles in their DVD library, or they can bring their own DVD for viewing. Note that bringing pirated DVDs is strictly forbidden by these theatres.