Holiday Accommodation Options in Jakarta

Information about where to stay and the different types of accommodation available when taking a holiday or travelling in Jakarta…

While Jakarta, as the capital city and financial centre of the country, is not the typical Indonesian holiday destination, it is a very important stopover for other holiday getaways in the country. There is no shortage of holiday accommodation in the city, and it caters to budget travelers and luxury travelers alike.

The Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association maintains a classification of hotels across Indonesia ranging from basic one-star establishments to comprehensive five-star establishments.

The choice of accommodation, however, is not limited to rated hotels: there are also options such as holiday chalets or ‘residences’, which in many cases have basic guest services and are known as losmen in Indonesian. Another variation of the residence concept is the indekost or guesthouse, where a homeowner will let a few spare rooms. The indekost concept has, however, expanded to a point where an entire property may be converted to exclusive rented residential use, and is managed just like a basic serviced apartment or hotel.

Here is a brief overview of holiday accommodation in Jakarta:

Hostels, Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfast

This category contains a wide range of budget accommodation for short-term to semi-permanent stays. There are no youth hostels belonging to Hostelling International (formerly the International Youth Hostel Association), but plenty of options within the same category can be found in Jakarta.

Jalan Jaksa is a street in central Jakarta renowned for its expatriate-focused low-cost accommodation, and there are plenty of options for those travelling on a limited budget. Such establishments are not limited to Jalan Jaksa, and can also be found in other districts, particularly in central and south Jakarta and in areas such as Cikini, Salemba, Cilandak and Fatmawati.

Guesthouses and bed and breakfasts also offer a similar level of service. Guesthouses in Jakarta may contain many rooms in multiple-storey buildings in well-situated locations near the city centre, such as Setiabudi, Sudirman, Kuningan and Casablanca. By contrast, bed and breakfasts tend to be available in outlying areas of Jakarta such as Bangka and Kemang.

The range of facilities may vary, from very rudimentary (bed, simple breakfast and shared utilities) right up to air-conditioned, furnished rooms with cable TV and some form of Internet access. Supplementary services such as laundry collection and shuttle buses are available towards the higher end of this category. Typically, payment will be in cash or money transfers.


Between these basic budget establishments and the full service offerings of four or five star hotels, there is another group of holiday establishments which are called melati (unrated) hotels. They are generally used for practical short term stays, transit or business travel.

A variety of services can be found in melati-class hotels, which are up to the equivalent of a three-star hotel, but generally the distinction between guesthouses and melati is in the number of rooms available. Fewer rooms are usually found in B&Bs and guest houses than in melati. Melati may also have additional facilities, such as business conference centres, meeting rooms, swimming pools, well-furnished restaurants, cafes and bars. A lot of the services, however, tend to be more limited than those in four or five star hotels across the city.

These hotels are distributed throughout Jakarta’s five municipalities. For those looking at accommodation near the wholesaler haven Mangga Dua, the electronics markets in Harco, the Old City (Kota Tua) or the Ancol Marina, transit hotels in north or west Jakarta may be a convenient choice.

Others looking at proximity to more upmarket shopping malls like Grand Indonesia, Pacific Place or Plaza Senayan, the numerous museums close to Thamrin, or the National Monument (Monas) might consider the smart hotels in central or south Jakarta.

Hotels in central, south and east Jakarta as well as Bekasi and Bogor are advisable for those looking for fast access to outlying places like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, or those wishing to avoid getting caught in the traffic jams when departing for Bogor, Puncak or Bandung. The catch is that there are generally fewer hotels in east Jakarta or Bekasi than in other parts of the city.

Villas and Camping Areas

Privately-owned rental villas and bungalow complexes are located in the outermost parts of the city and its surrounding regions. Those located in Ancol, the Thousand Islands, other parts of north Jakarta and Tangerang (Anyer / Carita) are convenient for those interested in watersports and beachgoing.

Those considering mountain-based or other hinterland activities would be advised to look for rental villas in Bogor, Puncak and Bandung. Farther afield, alternate destinations like Sukabumi (the beginning of many white water rafting adventures) range all the way down to Pelabuhan Ratu on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Limited camping areas are available in Jakarta, most notably in Cibubur, but also at Ragunan. In Bekasi there is Karang Kitri, in Bogor there are several sites near Tapos, Sukamantri and Cimandala.

Serviced Apartments, Luxury Hotels and Resorts

If budgeting is not much of a constraint, a wide choice of fully serviced apartments, four to five star hotels and resorts are available in the capital city. Whether an international chain or a boutique hotel, accommodation of this class in Jakarta will fulfill the needs of any guest.

By comparison with establishments in other countries and other parts of Indonesia, Jakarta hotel prices are low. Rooms are well furnished, and since many hotels are new or recently renovated, their décor and facilities tend to be state-of-the art. Meeting rooms and convention facilities are common features, and wide choices of food, bars and sporting facilities can all be found under the same roof.

The distribution of serviced apartments and luxury hotels is quite even across the city. Areas in the north of Jakarta like Ancol or Pluit offer easier access to the three marinas in the city, whereas hotels in southern and western areas of Jakarta like Senayan, Kuningan, Slipi, Cengkareng and Serpong often contain golfing facilities or are very close to them.

Areas like Mega Kuningan, Sudirman and Thamrin are probably most suitable for those who wish to travel around the city by foot. However, there are many means of transport in Jakarta, and most hotels and resorts provide shuttle services to popular parts of the city.

For further information about accommodation in Jakarta, see the Jakarta Tourism Board website.