Fishing and Angling in Jakarta

Information on fishing and angling in and around Jakarta, whether seawater fishing, freshwater fishing, game fishing or fishing from piers…

In Jakarta and north Jakarta, with the exception of the Thousand Islands, polluted water leaves few opportunities for fishing (mancing). The surrounding area, however, contains a number of spots for freshwater or saltwater fishing, fishing from piers and open sea fishing. Bogor, Banten, Binuangeun, Pelabuhan Ratu, the Ujung Kulon Peninsula and the Thousand Islands (also known as the Pulau Seribu) are popular fishing spots.

Fishing Organisations

There is a sports federation called FORMASI (Indonesian Sport Fishing Federation / Federasi Olahraga Mancing Seluruh Indonesia) which supports fishing enthusiasts, and has a membership of several fishing clubs. FORMASI is a member of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). One of its functions is to organise tournaments and fishing trips between its member clubs, and it also publishes a fishing bulletin for its members.

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Fishing for pleasure and sport is extremely popular in Jakarta, and many active organisations maintain a local presence. One such is the Kamikaze Indonesia Fishing Community:

Seawater Fishing

The Thousand Islands is the only seawater fishing location in the actual territory of Jakarta. Notable spots within the thousand islands include Putri, Sepa, Bira Besar, Pulau Ayer and Pulau Pramuka. Further south, excellent fishing spots are dotted along the coast between Muarabinuangeun and Pelabuhan Ratu.

Fishing from Piers

Ancol (Taman Pantai) has man-made fishing facilities and an artificial lake for those seeking more comfortable surroundings. Many of the city’s inhabitants fish in Pantai Marunda and on the breakwater near the Muara Tawar power plant.

Freshwater Fishing

Danau Sunter in north Jakarta has several spots for freshwater fishing, and bait is sold nearby. Be aware that jet skis share the use of the artificial lake, which affects the quality of the water. Several commercially-run freshwater fishing spots in Depok, Bogor and the Jatiluhur dam are within convenient driving distance of Jakarta.

Local Fishing Publications

Berita Mancing (Fishing News), a local Indonesian-language newspaper, provides information on fish, locations, and laws.