Opening a Bank Account

Understand what is required to open a bank account in Indonesia...

Foreigners moving to Indonesia may open a bank account. Depending on the type of account chosen a cheque book, a bank book, and a payment and cash withdrawal card (or ATM card) will be issued.

Most banks have a variety of account types including current and savings accounts. The following documents are required to open a bank account:

  • Photocopy of a valid passport
  • Photocopy of temporary stay permit (KIMS, KITAS) or permanent resident licence (KITAP)
  • Some banks may ask for reference from the employer or sponsor

Opening an account can be done in a day and debit (ATM) cards can be made on the same day of the account being opened. Some banks offer the possibility to open an account in US dollars, in general a minimum deposit will be requested.

Similar documents will be requested for credit card application.