Pet Travel

Understand the rules and regulations when travelling to and around Indonesia with a pet...

Crossing Borders and Domestic Travel With Pets

Travelling with an animal - domestic travel and crossing borders - is not advised. An export permit is needed for the animal to leave Indonesia, and an import permit is needed to re-enter the country.

A permit is also required for domestic travel with a pet.

Foreigners living in Indonesia who plan to go away should rather make arrangements for their pets to be taken care of while they are away.

Should an owner want to travel with a pet domestically, the following documents are required:

  • Rabies vaccination certificate issued by an official veterinarian
  • Health certificate issued by an official veterinarian
  • Recommendation of transportation issued by the regional official veterinarian of the place of origin
  • Wildlife transportation permit issued by the Natural Resource Conservation Office of the place of origin with regards to monkeys, or wildlife

Two days before departure, inform the local Animal Quarantine Office at the place of destination of the animal's arrival.

Flying With a Pet

There are three ways of flying into Indonesia with a pet:

  1. Checked baggage: Considered as excess baggage and charged accordingly. The animal goes on the same flight as the passenger and must be carried in an animal container which meets airline requirements. Customs clears the animal when documents are valid.
  2. Air Freight: An animal is transported by air cargo without the owner's presence on board the flight. The air freight company's fee includes checking the pet through customs and into mandatory quarantine.
  3. Carry-on Baggage: Some airlines allow passengers to carry small animals on board. Check with individual airlines.

For information from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) on transporting animals: Click here

Animal containers

When a pet is accompanied by the owner or shipped by a professional mover, containers must:

  • meet IATA specifications
  • be made of standard plastic
  • be big enough for the pet
  • be ventilated
  • have food and water containers

For IATA specifications: Click here