Indonesian Driving Licences

Information on driving licence eligibility for foreigners living in or visiting Indonesia...

As licences cannot be exchanged as such in Indonesia, and international driving licences expire after one year, a foreigner can get an Indonesian SIM.

To get an Indonesian SIM, a foreigner must have either an international driving licence or a home country licence.

Anyone applying for a driving licence must go to the Office of Motor Vehicles at their local police station.

Types of driving licence

Foreign nationals are allowed two types of driving licence or SIM:

  1. SIM A - for cars and vans
  2. SIM C - for motorbikes

Eligibility for a driving licence

A foreign national is eligible for a driving licence in Indonesia when:

  • The applicant is at least 17 years of age
  • The applicant has either an international driving licence, or a driving licence from their home country

The holder of a driving licence (SIM) has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be a minimum of 17 years old for a SIM A and SIM C licence
  • Be able to read and write in Latin script (the Roman alphabet, which includes English)
  • Know the rules of the road and how to drive a vehicle
  • Be in good health - confirmed by a doctor's certificate
  • Pass a written or theory test, and a practical driving test

Eligibility for a driving licence for foreign nationals living in or visiting Indonesia also depends upon their visa status:

  • Visitation Visa (Visa Sosial Budaya) - holders are entitled to a three-month driving licence (SIM). Some foreigners with this visa have reported being refused a licence. Check the local Office of Motor Vehicles or Satpas for verification
  • KITAS Visa - valid for one year for either SIM A or SIM C
  • KITAP Visa - valid for five years for either SIM A or SIM C
  • Foreigner's National ID Card (Kartu Tanda Penduduk Asing - KTP Asing) - valid for five years for either a SIM A or SIM C. The KTP Asing is a special identity document for foreigners which can only be obtained when a foreigner already holds a KITAP, or Permanent Residency visa. The KTP Asing is not a visa: It is a foreigner's equivalent of the KTP, or National Identity Card which is issued to all Indonesian citizens who are 17 years old or older

For embassy or consulate staff and their families, a licence is valid for five years.


  • In general, foreigners are limited to SIM A and SIM C licences

Motorbike Licences

Two main engine sizes are found in Indonesia: 100-125 cc and 200 cc; 50 cc motorbikes are rare.

  • For a first licence, both theory and practical tests must be passed
  • For an extension, a test does not have to be completed if the licence has not expired
  • A licence is required to drive a motorbike regardless of the size of its engine

In the countryside, young people often drive without helmets, and minimum age laws are generally not enforced. In cities, however, laws are enforced.