Snacks and Fruit

Find out about some of Indoneisa's most popular fruit and snacks...


Due to the Indonesian custom of eating quickly and sparsely throughout the day, snack carts are very popular and can easily be found in any town or city. These are usually pushed by young boys and are referred to as kaki lima which literally means 'five legs'.

Generally each cart sells one type of food and examples of what can be found include:

  • Bakmie: Rice-flavoured noodle soup
  • Bakso: Meatball soup
  • Jaja: Multi-coloured confectionery made with coconut
  • Lemper: Sticky rice
  • Lumpia: Spring rolls with meat and vegetables
  • Pisang goreng: Fried bananas


Fruit is found in abundance across the country and has traditionally been a very important part of the Indonesian diet; East Java is known as the country's fruit bowl. Many are native to the island group but others were imported from other countries and have become established in the area over the centuries. Fruits are eaten raw, used as ingredients in desserts, prepared as part of main meals, used to make drinks and fried to make a wide variety of fruit chips for snacks.

Some of the fruits to be found in Indonesia are; coconut, apple, avocado, mandarin, lemon, banana, mango, jackfruit, areca nut, pineapple, rambutan, dukuh, durian, breadfruit, soursop, dragon fruit, cempedak, mangosteen, jambu air, horse mango, baccaurea, Polynesian chestnut, snake fruit, kaffir lime, starfruit, jambul and pomegranate.