Sailing in Indonesia

Information on sailing and watersports in Indonesia, with details of the ports and harbours, popular areas for watersports, and links to local associations...

Rules and Regulations

All foreign-flagged boats arriving at Indonesian ports must be temporarily imported. Various private sailing agencies can help accomplish this. Upon arrival, the Indonesian government requires all yachts to have the following documents in their possession:

  • Crew and passenger passports that are valid for at least six months beyond the date of entry
  • A CAIT (Cruising Permit), which takes seven weeks to process and is issued for 90 days
  • The last port clearance
  • Boat registry

Tourist visas are issued on arrival. As of late 2012, Indonesia is in the process of implementing Decree 79 of 2011, which is designed to overhaul maritime tourism by simplifying bureaucracy, providing greater access to port facilities, creating tourist infrastructure and placing application systems online. While the application of much of the declaration continues, one effected change is the removal of the import bond requirement from the PIB (Temporary Import Declaration) process.

The PIB, which allows a vessel to be imported into Indonesian territories and therefore sail under the conditions of the CAIT, can be organised via a letter of guarantee issued by registered travel agents, local maritime authorities and state authorities. The PIB is extendable, as the CAIT is likely to become.

A PEB (Export Declaration) simplifies the process of leaving the country by yacht, and is completed at the last major port of call.

Cruising Permits - CAIT (Clearance Approval for Indonesian Territory)

Cruising permits issued by the Indonesian government indicate that a yacht has permission to enter Indonesia. The permit is valid for a fixed period of three months. Once processed, CAIT details cannot be changed, and CAITs can neither be extended nor transferred. The names and passport details of all crew members and passengers must be listed on the CAIT.

When applying for a CAIT, the route must be selected with approximate dates of arrival at each major port or island. Exact dates are not necessary, nor are the details of smaller ports or islands. The CAIT is not a visa, and will need to be accompanied by one.

Sailing Events

Sail Indonesia: An annual sailing rally that begins in Darwin and follows a three-month programme of linked events across Indonesia, supported by the Indonesian Central government and local government centres.

Further Information

  • To contact the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy: Click here
  • For Indonesia's national government portal: Click here
  • For the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries: Click here (Indonesian)
  • For information from Customs: Click here