Banking in Indonesia

Information on the banking system in Indonesia. Find out how to open an account and what to do if your cards are lost or stolen, plus an overview of the banking services available...

Under Indonesian banking law, Indonesian banks are classified as either commercial banks or community (rural) banks (BPRs). The main difference between the two categories is that rural banks have restricted operational areas, for example, they do not provide demand deposit. With regard to the bank systems used, there are commercial banks that carry out conventional business activities and banks that observe Islamic (shariah) principles in their operational activities. BPRs activities are limited to conventional bank activities or Shariah based bank activities.

Major Indonesian Retail Banks in Bali

  • BCA (private local commercial bank)
  • CIMB Niaga (private international commercial bank)
  • Mandiri (merged state-owned commercial bank)
  • BII (private local commercial bank)
  • Danamon (private local commercial bank)
  • Citibank (private commercial bank)
  • Standard Chartered (private international commercial bank)