Using an Indonesian Bank Account

Find out about the products and services available from banks in Indonesia, plus bank opening times...

Competitive commercial banks offer online and mobile telephone banking services which allow customers to transfer funds, set up standing orders and access statements. Application can be made at the branches by filling out forms and following the customer service officer's instructions.

Accounts may be held in joint names. Two formats are available:

  • an account with the word "and" between the names of the holders which requires both holders to sign banking transactions
  • an account with the word "and/or" between the names which enables either holder to sign banking transactions

Some major Indonesian retail banks provide forms written in Indonesian and English. However, for local oriented transactions some forms are written in Indonesian.

Card payments

Card payments by debit cards are accepted in most places in Indonesia. Payment is made using the PIN code; signatures may be requested.

Cash machines, ATMs are easy to find in most shopping centres, towns and villages and are straightforward to use (being much the same as elsewhere in the world): enter the card and follow the text instructions. Many machines allow for the option to select English-language text.

Banking hours

Banks are generally open from 08:00 until 14:30, however, some may stay open until 16:00 or 17:00.

Reading and Writing Numbers in Indonesia

When writing or reading Indonesian numbers, it is important to know the placement of points and commas.

  • A point marks the thousands, while a comma separates the cents: fifteen thousand Rupiah is written Rp15.000,00 (lima belas ribu rupiah)
  • A comma marks the fractions in a percentage: twenty-eight point seven percent is written 28,7% (dua puluh delapan koma tujuh persen)