Key Facts and Figures

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Formal Name Republic of Indonesia, (Republik Indonesia)
Capital Jakarta
Main Cities Surabaya,  Bandung,  Medan
Official Language Bahasa Indonesia (modified form of Malay)
Currency Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Dialling Code +62
Emergency numbers 118/119, 113 and 110
Time Zone UTC+7 (Jakarta) Note: Indonesia has 3 time zones
Daylight Savings Time No known DST adjustments for year 2011
Units of Measure Metric System
Electricity 220 volts;  plug type C, E or F
Government Republic
Population 245,613,043 (July 2011 est.)
Climate Tropical; hot, humid; more moderate in highlands
Land Surface 1,811,569 sq km
Coastline 54,716 km
Indonesian flag Indonesian flag

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