Converting a KITAS Visa to a KITAP Visa

Information on getting a KITAP (permanent residence visa) with information on who is eligible and the documents required...

KITAS Visa holders can apply for a KITAP Visa or permanent residence visa after five years. It is valid for a total of 25 years, and every five years it has to be re-validated.

Only a retired person does not need a KITAS Visa to apply for a KITAP Visa.

Local immigration offices determine how each KITAP Visa is granted. A person should contact their local immigration office for specific information.

The visa conversion is initiated with a formal letter to immigration requesting a conversion at the same time as a KITAS Visa is renewed.

Usually, the following holders of a KITAS Visa are eligible for a KITAP Visa:

  • Foreign spouse of a foreigner with a KITAP Visa
  • Foreign spouse of an Indonesian husband or wife
  • Legitimate child with a foreign passport who wishes to join an Indonesian parent
  • Legitimate foreign child under 18, unmarried, wishing to join a foreign father or mother who has a KITAP Visa
  • Investors
  • Foreign expert in a rare area of expertise
  • Foreign manager of a company operating in Indonesia
  • Foreign church official with religious duties in Indonesia
  • Retired foreigner

KITAP Visa holders can add their names to the Family Identity Card or Kartu Keluarga (KK), which is an official family card registered with the Indonesian government. The KK is very important for the application of inheritance laws because it verifies:

  • Property owned by a family
  • Blood relatives