KITAS or Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas - Limited Stay Visa

Information on how to apply for a KITAS Visa and who may apply for one...

  • A KITAS visa cannot be obtained directly by a foreign spouse, regardless of whether the marriage took place in Indonesia or abroad
  • An applicant must first get an appropriate visa before applying for a KITAS Visa
  • The application must be made at the local Office of Immigration where the applicant and sponsor are living

The following people are eligible for a KITAS Visa, and may either have a group sponsor or a personal sponsor:

  • Foreign investors doing business with the Indonesian government or Indonesian companies
  • Foreigners invited to work with the Indonesian government or private institutions
  • Foreigners working in religious organisations and fulfilling religious duties
  • Foreigners authorised to train in Indonesia or carry out scientific research
  • Foreign spouses who are visiting or living with their Indonesian husband or wife
  • Minors who join their Indonesian parent or a foreign-national parent who resides in Indonesia and who already has a valid KITAS Visa
  • Former Indonesian citizens seeking repatriation

Group sponsors of a KITAS Visa

Group sponsors include government, business, religious organisations, or any other Indonesian institution, and they are responsible for all visa paperwork, as well as being legally responsible for the sponsored foreigner. A foreigner is told what documents are required and will be helped with immigration formalities.

Documents required for a KITAS visa:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae with work references
  • Immunisation card

Other documents may also be required, depending on the immigration office.

Personal sponsors of a KITAS Visa

Most applicants for KITAS Visas are foreign spouses joining their Indonesian spouses. Once a foreign spouse has a KITAS Visa, children can enter Indonesia as well, but only if they are under 18 years of age. A foreign spouse must have an Indonesian sponsor to apply for the visa.

Obtaining a KITAS Visa for the First Time

Once a foreigner has entered Indonesia with the appropriate visa, application for a KITAS at the local immigration office (Kantor Imigrasi) must be made within three days.

The following documents are required:

  • Marriage certificate or Akte Perkawinan, or Buku Nikah Asli, or Surat Tanda Bukti Lapor Pekawinan Asli, and photocopy
  • Indonesian sponsor's National ID card (Kartu Tanda Penduduk - KTP) and photocopy
  • Foreigner's passport and photocopy - passport should still be valid for 18 months; if only 12 months of validity remain, then a six month KITAS visa is issued
  • Photographs: These must be taken on a red background, usually 2x3cm, but size varies from office-to-office

During the application procedures for the KITAS visa, the foreigner also registers with Immigration's Office for the Supervision of Foreigners, and applies for a Blue Foreigners Registration Book (Buku Mutasi). The Blue Book is a very important document in which all official activities are registered: notification stamps for new visas, visa extensions, or Multiple Exit Re-entry Permits

The Office of Immigration then issues a document within a few days which must be taken to the Regional/District Office or Kantor Wilayah. The Regional/District Office then issues a letter recommending a change of visa status. All documents are returned to Immigration which recommends a change in visa status and forwards the paperwork to the Head of Immigration or Kepala.

Within seven to ten days the Letter of Decision or Surat Keputusan is issued. The letter must be returned to the Regional/District Office which issues a letter authorising Immigration to start processing the KITAS Visa; the applicant takes the letter back to Immigration. Fingerprints are also taken at this time.

A KITAS Visa fee must be paid; as of July 2011 the fee is Rp700,000 for a one year visa and Rp350,000 for a six month visa.

Immigration annuls the original visa in a foreigner's passport and issues an ITAS stamp (permission for a KITAS Visa without the card itself) in its place. A KITAS Visa (the actual card) includes a photo and signature. It is recommended to keep the card at home and use photocopies when needed

A few days later the foreigner's Blue Book is issued where the date of issue of the KITAS Visa is recorded and stamped. It is recommended to keep the Blue Book at home and use photocopies when needed

Procedure after a KITAS Visa has been Issued

Not all local authorities will have the same procedure as listed below. Each town, city, or region implements law according to its own custom.

All the documents must be re-processed when the KITAS Visa is extended.

Within 14 days after a KITAS Visa has been issued, both the sponsor and the foreigner go to their local district mayor's office (Kelurahan, Kantor Lurah CaPil or Kepala) to obtain the following documents:

  • Certificate of Registration of Temporary Resident or Surat Keterangan Pendaftaran Penduduk Sementara (SKPPS) issued by the Provincial Office for Resident Affairs
  • Certificate of Domicile or Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal (SKTT) issued by the village chief/mayor
  • Certificate of Registration After Arrival from Abroad or Surat Keterengan Datang Dari Luar Negeri (SKDLN) issued by the village chief/mayor

These documents state:

  • Where a foreigner comes from
  • The foreigner's date of arrival in Indonesia
  • Who is sponsoring the foreigner
  • The address of the sponsor and foreigner

These documents serve the same function as the sponsor's National ID card or KTP, which verifies a citizen's current address.

Within 30 days after a KITAS Visa has been issued, both the sponsor and the foreigner must go to the neighbourhood police station. The following documents are processed:

  • Certificate of Police Headquarters Registration or Surat Keterangan Lapor Diri (SKLD)
  • A Report Certificate or Surat Tanda Melapor (STM) for foreigners with an Indonesian spouse. There is no fee. It is signed by the foreigner's spouse and is a request for shelter

A fee and a 2x3 cm photograph are required when applying for the SKLD card. The card is issued after a month or more by the Supervision Unit. It is a plastic card with the foreigner's photograph.

The SKLD is an important document, as Indonesian intelligence investigates a foreigner's background.

Renewing a KITAS Visa

A KITAS Visa can be issued for:

  • Six months
  • One year
  • Two years

Many KITAS holders extend their visa for one year at a time and the renewal process must be started no later than one month before the visa expires. The process for renewal is similar to the one outlined above.

Renewal fees are the same as the original application fees.

Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit (Izin Masuk Kembali) - MERP

This permit should be applied for and stamped in a foreigner's passport at the same time as a KITAS Visa is issued. Without this permit, a foreigner loses KITAS Visa status when leaving Indonesia.

Even with this permit, a KITAS Visa holder must return to Indonesia within 90 days, or else the KITAS Visa becomes invalid.